[Brief Introduction]
    Sichuan Electromechanical Institute of Vocation and Technology (SCEMI) locates in Panzhihua City, which is a beautiful subtropical city, lies in the magical Panxi Rift Valley, stands by the galloping Jinsha River, and is called “the capital of iron, steel, vanadium and titanium in West China”. It has been invested and run by Pangang Group Company Ltd. (PG), which is an extremely large SOE. SCEMI was approved by Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, and it is an ordinary public higher vocational and technical college. SCEMI is one of the first 8 higher vocational colleges in Sichuan Province, and it is the only higher vocational college in SW Sichuan and NW Yunnan. Meanwhile, it is one of the first 4 Sichuan provincial constructing exemplary higher vocational colleges as well as one of the 100 national constructing backbone higher vocational colleges.

    There are more than 8,000 students, 655 faculty members and 319 full-time teachers in SCEMI. It covers 65 hectares, with a construction area of 220,000 square meters, and the ibrary collects 440,000 copies. The campus is a landscape of lakes and hills, little bridges and flowing water, luxuriantly green trees, and full of twitters and fragrancy.

    SCEMI was founded in 1973. For these years, it has won many recognitions from the Department of Education of Schuan Province and the Ministry of Education of PRC, and it has been hailed as “a flag in Sichuan vocational education”. In 2006, SCEMI gained the excellent grade in the Higher Vocational School Talent Cultivation Level Assessment by the Ministry of Education of PRC.

    Focusing on the pillar industry of Pan Zhihua—vanadium, titanium and steel production, SCEMI carries out its construction of majors. Now 28 majors have been established, including Metallurgy Technology (Exploitation of Vanadium and Titanium), Electrical Automation Technology, Electromechanical Integration Technology, Material Molding and Controlling Technology (Metal Press Working). SCEMI has 3 state-level and province-level experimental majors, 11 province-level high-quality courses, 3 province-level teaching reform achievement awards, and 5 institute-level distinctive majors.

    In SCEMI, there are 2 teaching masters of metallurgy industry, 1 provincial teaching master, 2 specialists of PG, 8 technical outstanding talents of PG, and 86 professional bellwethers and backbone teachers of SCEMI. In addition, 173 teaching staff have obtained vice-senior titles or the above, 124 teaching staff have gained master degrees or the above, and there are 87 double-qualified teachers. The teaching and scientific research groups of PLC, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, electromechanical integration, metallurgy and mechanical manufacture have been basically formed. There is 1 provincial-level teaching group and 2 foreign teachers working in SCEMI.

    SCEMI has advantageous school-running conditions and instructional resources. It has possessed 75,000 square meters for the practical teaching, and it has constructed 62 professional training centers and laboratories on campus, and 283 training bases off campus. Among them, the training base of electrical and electronic automation is a regional experimental and training base aided financially by the central coffer.

    By fully utilizing the merits that it is held by PG, SCEMI works closely with the enterprise,? with “work-study combination” as its base point for the innovation of the personnel training modes, to popularize the teaching models good to strengthen the ?students’ ability, such as “order-type cultivation”, “post practice”, “task-driving teaching” and “project-oriented teaching”, and SCEMI has achieved in sharing the resources with PG, jointly carrying out the? educational process with PG, sharing the educational results with PG, which has led to the school-running mode of college-enterprise? integration and jointly cultivating highly skilled talents. In recent years, the graduate employment rate of SCEMI has been maintaining over 95%.

    SCEMI sticks to the principle of “the talent cultivation is the essential, and the moral education is the first”, and keeps enhancing the students’ humanistic quality, improving the students’ personality, strengthening the educational work, and then promoting the education of the students’ comprehensive quality.

    As the strategy of “industrialization energizing Sichuan” steps forward, the strategy of “constructing Panzhihua as the regional central city” is carried out, and the project of “constructing Panzhihua as the regional vocational training center” is put into effect, the distinctive SCEMI with the institute-enterprise integration must have brighter future!

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